August 2006


     This past month at Antique Warehouse has been exciting, with a few new additions, including a set of bumper cars, a large porcelain sign, and the completion of a top secret project.  Unfortunately, we can't disclose any information on the top secret project yet, but you can find out about everything else stated here and more at

     We are always looking for interesting and unusual items, especially porcelain neon signs.  If you have any information please contact us.

If you have any comments or suggestions please reply here


  Featured Collection     Restoration Department  

This months featured collection is our Neon Signs.  Currently there are 14 Neon signs categorized in our collection.  Click the above image, of the inside of a sign, for all of the details.




Our restoration team has nearly completed the Cub Tractor and our top secret project is finished, by we still can't tell you what it is, but keep checking back for updates.


  Recent Acquisitions     Links  

A truckload of bumper cars from Six Flags St. Louis is our most recent acquisition.  Also check out our newest Anheuser Busch Porcelain Budweiser Neon Sign.



Greg Rhomberg, owner of the Antique Warehouse, also has a beautiful garden where he grows the finest fruits and vegetables. Click the above link to view his new web site. 



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