September 2007

       The General Monarch Fire Engine is complete and back in St. Louis.  As our Featured Item this month the General Monarch is the crown jewel of our collection.  A truly remarkable piece of machinery, to beautiful to describe.  Find out how you can see it below.  Also this month a new restaurant, Inside St. Louis, and catch up on the latest updates on the Cretors Style Popcorn Wagon.  All of this and more only at


     As we look to expand our collection, we are currently seeking fire apparatus, equipment and accessories, especially if it was made or used in St. Louis.  Also, we are looking for St. Louis soda items for an upcoming book we are publishing.  And as always, we continue to look for porcelain neon signs.  If you have any information about these or anything else we may be interested in please contact us.

If you have any comments or suggestions please reply here


  Featured Item     Inside St. Louis  

The highly anticipated General Monarch returns to St. Louis after its beautiful restoration.  Click here to learn all about the General and its story.



This month find out about The Feasting Fox, an upscale restaurant in South St. Louis, rich in St. Louis Tradition.  Click on the watercolor image above to find out more.


  Restoration Team     Upcoming Events  

Catch up on the latest updates on the Cretors style popcorn wagon by clicking on the steam engine image above.



Come see the newly restored General Monarch this month at The 24th Annual Great Fire Engine Rally, Downtown.



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