Falstaff Porcelain Neon Sign with Ad Panel


aw item number: 2002.028
manufacturer:  G.A. Levy & Co., E. St. Louis, Illinois
model:  J-9-E-P-L
sign color:  Green, black, red, white & black

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neon color:  Blue, yellow & red

composition:  Sheet metal, porcelain, glass & neon size:  36"L x 51"H x 10"W
acquisition date:  12/12/2002

status:  Collection

description:  Falstaff double sided porcelain neon sign with lighted ad window at the bottom featuring "Bottled Beer", which is lit by incandescent bulbs. Art deco wings flanking the ad panel.

information:  This beautifully restored sign used to hang off the side door of a bar, advertising that they sold Falstaff inside. The bottom ad window could display a number of things, many times displaying the name of the establishment or product offered.