Rexall Drug RX Neon Sign with Porcelain Base


aw item number: 1998.057
sign color:  Orange and blue

neon color:  Red

size:  67.5"L x 72.5"H x 14.5"W

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composition:  Sheet metal, porcelain,  plastic and glass tubing
acquisition date: 8/1/1998 status:  Collection

description:  Large building top sign with opaque plastic lettering over neon tubes.  Large blue porcelain base holds the transformers that light the sign.

information:  This sign advertised Plaza Pharmacy located at Reavis Barracks and Union Road, Lemay, Missouri.  In the image above, the small Rexall Drugs sign in the bottom right corner is a separate sign.  The large base of the neon sign seen in this image is blue porcelain.