Cafe Baloney Sandwich Boardby Wm. "Bill" Christman

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aw item:  baloney
artist:  Wm. "Bill" Christman
number:  1 of 1
made:  May, 2007

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size:  25" L x 72" H x 27" W
color:  Lime Green, Red, Black, Silver, Yellow, Dark Green, and Blue composition:  Wood, plastic, and paint
acquisition date:  5/20/2007

status:  Collection

description:  A double-sided sandwich board sidewalk sign.  The front side reads "WOW!  Budweiser II, Plus Grand Opening  (and closing) of Cafe Baloney.  All customers served in rear."  And the back side says, "Going out of Biznas Sale.  All prices slashed, without mercy." 

information:  This sign was made specifically for the 2007 Cherokee-Lemp History Fair.  At this event, Director of the 2004 Exposition, Greg Rhomberg, Showcased his Budweiser II at Cafe Baloney, behind the Purple Cow Antique Shop.

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