September 2004 Featured Item

 National Amusement Device Co Deluxe Trackless Train

 Grant's Farm Edition

                        Great for use in:




      -Shopping Centers


Runs Anywhere without Rails

Grants Farm Tram

     This is a 1954, National Amusement Device Co., Century Flyer Deluxe Trackless Train.  It was in operation at Grant's Farm from 1954 until 1998 when they upgraded to newer trams. 

     Grant's Farm is a 281-acre park, which facilitates more that 1,000 animals.  For many years had been the home of the Busch Family.  Located in Southwest St. Louis County, it is open to the public courtesy of Anheuser-Busch Brewing Company.  They are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year!

Anheusier-Busch A&Eagle on the Grants Farm Tram

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Post card featuring a National Amusement Device Trackless Train

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Grants Farm Tram

Grants Farm Tram

The following claims were made in a 1950's National Amusement Device Co. sales catalog.

An All Purpose Transportation Medium

-Climbs grades too steep for miniature trains

-travels where railroad tracks are prohibited

-saves cost of track and roadbed

-ideal for city parks, amusement parks, zoos,

boardwalks, fairs, industrial uses.

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