August 2004 Featured Item

 Pevely Milk Wagon

Pevely Milk Wagon with Zebras

Above is a drawing of "Hans" and "Tanta", Pevely Zebra Pets.  They were captured in Southwest Africa, near the city of Windhuk, and taken to the Hagenback Circus at Altona-Stellingen in Germany for training.  They were brought to the Pevely Dairy Co. in St. Louis in July 1929, at which time they were three years old.  Previous to this, numerous attempts had been made to train zebras with little success.  However, Hans and Tanta proved to be exceedingly gentle and well trained.  Pictured at the right is the milk wagon that Hans and Tanta pulled through the streets of St. Louis during the 1930's.  We also have a Schoenhut antique toy version of the milk wagon, pictured below.

   Pevely Milk Wagon   

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Schoenhut's Wonderful Advertising Wagons by Keith Kaonis

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Pevely Milk Wagon Model

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