1936 DodgeWestchester Suburban

The Antique Warehouse 1936 Dodge Westchester Suburban parked in front of historic Grants Farm in South St. Louis County.


     This 1936 Dodge Westchester Suburban was first put into service at the Kirkwood, Missouri Pacific train station. The railroad station master used the car to transport arriving train passengers and their baggage from the station to their residences (below is an image of the Kirkwood Train Station). Greg R. Rhomberg, curator of the Antique Warehouse, learned that a Kirkwood excavating contractor had purchased this wagon from the railroad station master in the early ‘40s to drive his growing family around.  After several years, the owner replaced this vehicle with a 1940 Ford Woody and stored the Dodge Woody in the carriage house located behind his home on Woodlawn Avenue in Kirkwood.

     In 1990, upon the owner’s death, the estate sold the car to a new owner in Texas. Through information gained from the estate, Rhomberg contacted the new owner in Texas who told him it was going to be consigned to an auction in the very near future. Rhomberg acquired the Woody from that auction and it is now one of the highlights of the Antique Warehouse collection.

Written By: Judy Hartman

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