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 Watling Scales with Horoscope Scroll Vendors


Antique Warehouse Inside Information 

-The Watling Scale Company was established 1889, in Chicago, Illinois.  Watling manufactured various coin operated devices that are now highly desired by collectors.

-The red unit originally shipped as a model 400.  Watling offered at no extra charge a red paint scheme matching a sample requested by St. Louis, Missouri’s north side bowling alley: Normandy Lanes, the scale was field converted to a Horoscope model for an additional $48.00 on 6/13/1962.

-Watling provided easy credit terms on their scales; model 400 were sold for $177.00; $25.00 deposit with order, 15 notes at $10.00 and a final note of $2.00. Horoscope models were sold for: $225.00; $25.00 deposit with order and 20 monthly notes of $10.00.

-The largest operator of horoscope scales had contracts with over 3,500 Woolworth Stores through out the United States.  Many of the vintage horoscope scrolls you will find are imprinted with Woolworth’s.

-Watling produced 144 different horoscope scrolls.  The twelve signs of the Zodiac with a different reading for each month.  The operator was responsible for changing the scrolls monthly in order to entice repeat business.

-Our detailed information came from actual Watling Scale Co. ledger cards, complements of Bill & Jan Berning, Genoa, Illinois Images of these note cards appear below.





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