Watling Scale with Horoscope Scroll Vendor


aw item number:  2000.019

manufacture:  Watling Scale Company, Chicago, Illinois, 44, 465 West Fulton St.

serial number:  89583
model:  HORO

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size:  17"L x 63"H x 25"W
composition:  Steel, iron, porcelain & glass date manufactured:  5/25/1962
original price:  $225.00 quantity manufactured:  4000
color:  Red, black & cream weight:  185 lbs.
acquisition date:  8/30/2000

status:  Collection

description:  Watling's reliable model 400, three hundred pound capacity; one cent coin operated scale is topped with a ten cent horoscope scroll vendor. A very popular coin operated device combination, both components operate independently.

information:  Originally shipped as a model 400, with a custom red paint scheme and costing $177.00 this scale was converted to a Horoscope model for an additional $48.00 on 6/13/62. Horoscopes were to be changed monthly by the operator.

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