September 2008

     This month we feature a significant addition to our tractor collection, our new O-6 Orchard Farm Tractor. Check out the unique combination of Spanish and Italian food available at Guido's, as described by Johnny Rabbitt's Inside St. Louis. Several events can be found on our Event Calendar for the upcoming month and sign up now for the Museum of Transportation's Fall Color Caravan. View our new Road Trip section featuring a photographic essay of Historic St. Charles. Also view a few of our most Recent Acquisitions, and check out our newest section, Extra! Extra! Read All About It, featuring a unique book by St. Louis' own Michael Eastman.

     You may also notice a few new cosmetic enhancements on our web site, which includes a new navigation bar with updated links for easier navigation around our site. Check it out at

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Featured Item

Inside St. Louis


Similar to our O-4 tractor, only bigger, check out our newest tractor, the O-6, by International Harvester. 


Enjoy Spanish tapas or Italian pizza on The Hill at Guido's. Click above to read Johnny Rabbitt's history and review.


Road Trip

Event Calendar


Check out a beautiful photographic essay from Historic St. Charles, MO.  A great place to take the family.


Be sure to check out what is going on next month as well as view what took place in previous months.


Extra! Extra!...

Recent Acquisitions


Read all about our newest featured book, Vanishing America, capturing remnants of the past with photography.


View two of our most recent acquisitions, both are neon clocks such as the one above.  Click on it to learn more.


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