February 2007


     Hope this Newsletter finds everyone enjoying their new year and keeping to their resolutions.  This past month has seen quite a bit of work done on our restoration project, the Cretors Style Popcorn Wagon as well as our General Fire Truck.  Also this month we feature our pinball collection and a book by local radio host Johnny Rabbit.  Check it all out at antiquewhs.com.

     As always, we continue to look for interesting and unusual items, especially porcelain neon signs.  If you have any information please contact us.

If you have any comments or suggestions please reply here


  Featured Collection     Restoration Department  

This month we feature our pinball machines.  We have 11 total machines, dating back to the early parts of the century, all the way up to modern day units.



Our Restoration Team continues work on the Cretors Style Wagon and off-site, our General Fire Engine nears completion.  Click above for a closer look.


  Inventory     St. Louis Trivia Book  

This past month we have spent hours entering many of our items into our computer system and taking pictures of them.  Eventually it will lead to a more informative and complete  web site.



Johnny Rabbitt has written new a trivia book all about St. Louis and its history.  It also includes a few questions about Greg Rhomberg and the Antique Warehouse.  Click above for more.



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