December 2008

     Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is ready for the Christmas Season.  We have a brief newsletter this month because of the shortened holiday schedule.  But as always, we have Johnny Rabbitt's Inside St. Louis review of a familiar place and a new Featured Item perfect for the season.  Also view our recent Thanksgiving Day Parade Festivities, and check out the upcoming events this month on our Calendar.

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Featured Items

Inside St. Louis


Click above to learn about this one horse open sleigh, manufactured by the Excelsior Carriage Company.


Click above to read Johnny Rabbitt's review of, yet again, Ted Drewes, but their Christmas Trees, not custard.


Recent Event

Event Calendar


Click above to find out more about the Thanksgiving Day Parade and the appearance of the Budweiser II "Bevo Boat."


Be sure to check out what is going on this month as well as view what took place in previous months.


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