August 2007

       This month we feature a new location Inside St. Louis, as well as a new featured item.  Be sure to check out the latest on our popcorn wagon restoration, and new information on the General Fire Engine.  The 2007 Miniature Railroad Convention is just around the corner and check out a few old items with new facelifts.   All of this and more only at


     As we look to expand our collection, we are currently seeking fire apparatus, equipment and accessories, especially if it was made or used in St. Louis.  Also, we are looking for St. Louis soda items for an upcoming book we are publishing.  And as always, we continue to look for porcelain neon signs.  If you have any information about these or anything else we may be interested in please contact us.

If you have any comments or suggestions please reply here


  Featured Item     Inside St. Louis  

The Featured Item this month is the newly acquired 1936 Dodge Westchester Suburban "Woody." Find out the history behind this historic vehical



Pete's in Wentzville, Missouri is featured this month Inside St. Louis.  Find out why this Drive In became a local favorite for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert.


  Restoration Team     General Fire Engine  

Click the image above to view the latest on the popcorn wagon restoration, here glass is installed into the wood window frames.



This past month the General Fire Engine participated in the 32nd Annual Central Pennsylvania Antique Fire Apparatus Muster.


  Pin Striper     Links  

A few items in the AW inventory received face lifts this past month when artist, John Bauers, pinstriped and lettered several items in our collection.



September 14th through the 16th, Arborway T.T. and Northwestern Railroad will hold their 2007 Miniature Railroad Convention.  Click above to find out more.



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