Ron (Johnny Rabbitt) Elz

     Johnny Rabbitt is a St. Louis radio legend, having been broadcasting for over five decades.  Inducted into the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame for his contribution to the radio industry, creating the progressive rock format, and being the first to completely program a radio station by computer.  You can hear Johnny Rabbitt on KMOX Saturday nights for his '50s & '60s oldies show, "Route 66."  It's one of the hottest radio programs in the Midwest...and it's where you can always get updates on the latest activities of the Antique Warehouse!

     In addition to his legendary radio career, Rabbitt is an avid historian and trivia buff.  He knows everything St. Louis, in fact, his trivia questions air everyday on KSDK Channel 5's, Show Me St. Louis.  He has also written two St. Louis trivia books.  Many St. Louis restaurants offer "Johnny Rabbitt Specials" which are Rabbitt's favorite meal or dessert.

     Rabbitt is the perfect addition to our team, knowing copious amounts of information about St. Louis and its many wonderful restaurants and various other special locations.


Personal Notes from the Rabbitt

     My first meeting with Greg Rhomberg took place some 15 years ago when I was with WIL FM and I made a personal appearance at a Nu Way open house/anniversary party that was promoted on the station. At that time I had no inkling of Greg's interest in history, I wish I had; as my avocation has always been "the past," especially St. Louis' past. We'd meet on rare occasions and then a few years back, at the behest of former St. Louis and now Lemay Fire Chief Neil Svetanics, I was offered the opportunity to visit Greg's Antique Warehouse. I was as amazed and spellbound then as I am now...which is likely what happens to anyone who sees this special sanctum. After my mind-boggling tour, the first thing I asked Greg was if he'd allow me to feature the Warehouse on my Show Me St. Louis segment on Channel 5. I really thought he'd turn me down, but he gave it his OK, and we ended up with one of the all-time most popular segments we've aired on "Show Me!"

     Recently St. Louis Magazine ran a front-cover article on the "101 Things Every St. Louisian Must Do" and I was honored to have been included as #92 "A BLT and a Johnny Rabbitt" at Crown Candy Kitchen. (By the way, the Johnny Rabbitt is a fresh banana malt with whipped cream, crushed nuts and nutmeg). The thing missing in that mag's list is the amazing Antique Warehouse, but they really couldn't put it in as it's private. If there ever is a review of the "Top Things Every St. Louisian Must Do" for not-open-to-the-public places it would have to contain the Antique Warehouse. Other locations might include: the labyrinthian caves under the streets of much of St. Louis; August Busch's private office complex at A-B (go away InBev); the mammoth Masonic temple on Lindell Boulevard, with a 2,200 seat unfinished theatre; the Central Bureau Verein, a German-Catholic library on Westminster Place; behind the scenes at the Fabulous Fox Theatre; One Portland Place, the largest house in the City of St. Louis; the steam tunnels under downtown, the "safe" room at the A. G. Edwards/ Wachovia HQ, the Veiled Prophet's Den and the underground archives of the Missouri Historical Society on Skinker Boulevard.

     I'm honored that I've been asked to be an Inside St. Louis correspondent for antiquewhs.com, and I hope you enjoy the articles we're planning. Of course I'd love to hear from you with regard to your comments and suggestions for places we might take you on the web.

Ron (Johnny Rabbitt) Elz

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