Greg Rhomberg


Curator and Owner of the Antique Warehouse, as well as Director of the 2004 Exposition,  Greg began collecting antiques at the age of 7, and has been enjoying it ever since.  Whether itís a small found arrow head or the 1933 Chevrolet fire truck for which he traded his fatherís riding lawn mower, Greg cannot get enough of collectible antiques.

     Greg is also COO of Nu Way Concrete Forms Inc., a construction supply company with headquarters located in South St. Louis County and four other locations throughout Missouri and Illinois.  Greg was recently named in the St. Louis Business Journal's 40 under 40.  This award is given to elite business executives, under 40 years old, whose presence has been felt within their companies and communities. Greg is also an active board member and management committee member of several for profit and not-for-profit business and organizations.





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