Red Goose Shoes
Porcelain Enameled Neon Sign



  aw item number:  2011.004
  manufacturer:  Zeiser Brothers Incorporated, Saint Louis, Missouri

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  serial number:  1474

condition: restored

composition:  sheet metal, porcelain enamel & glass tubing

size:  55"L x 137.5"H x 14"W

acquisition date:
  color, sign: cream, maroon, blue, red, white, yellow & black

color, neon:
 green, blue, neon, orange and yellow

status:  collection

Double-faced, outdoor, porcelain enameled  neon sign. Assembled in three sections: The tall vertical sign is SHOES. Secondly the die-cut trade marked Red Goose sign. And lastly the privilege panel; TRAUTWEIN’S.  This sign was manufactured by Zeiser Brothers, Inc. St. Louis, Missouri.

information: Gieseke, D’Oench & Hays originally sold shoes to pioneer families headed west in 1869. In the late 19th century the name was changed to Gieseke (German slang for goose). The red color came about during the 1904 World’s Fair when men painted a red goose on some of the wooded shipping crates for identification. The head of the company was so impressed with the idea, the name Red Goose was trademarked in 1906.  Later acquired by International Shoe Co. (ISCO), St. Louis, Missouri. ISCO also manufactured two additional popular children’s shoe brands: Poll Parrot and Weatherbird shoes for children.