Pevely Super Test Ice Cream

Porcelain Enameled Neon Sign



  aw item number:  2009.081
  manufacturer:  Keller Sign Co., St. Louis, Missouri

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  model:  Super Test Ice Cream

condition:  restored
color, sign:  red, white, blue & black   color, neon:  pink & white
size:  36"L x 24"H x 12.5"W   composition:  sheet metal, porcelain enamel & glass tubing
acquisition date:  3/29/2009   status:  collection

description:  Pevely Super Test Ice Cream, single faced porcelain enameled neon sign manufactured by Keller Sign Company, St. Louis, Missouri.

information: Pevely Dairy Company, St. Louis, MO., was founded in 1887 and soon became the leading producer of dairy products in the metropolitan area. Pevely was the primary supplier to the 1904 World’s Fair. Super Test was Pevely’s premium ice cream brand due to it’s high butterfat content and low overrun (amount of air within) both characteristics of a creamy-smooth and delicious ice cream.