Ranch House Double Sided

Porcelain Neon Sign



  aw item number:  2009.006
  manufacturer:  R. Tunica Elec. Co., St. Louis, Missouri
  model:  Custom

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  serial number:  n/a
color, sign:  Red & white   color, neon:  No neon present
size:  66.25"L x 24"H x 10.5"W   composition:  Sheet metal, porcelain & glass tubing
acquisition date:  1/20/2009


status:  Collection

description:  A double sided porcelain neon sign with top mounted decorative wings.  A metal can creates the structure for each of the two porcelain face plates.

information:  This sign is originally from an East St. Louis Ice Cream Parlor.  The sign was mounted on top of the sign displayed along with it, a Pevely Ice Cream Sign.  At one point, the "Ranch House" portion of the sign was painted over with "Drive Inn."