St. Louis in Watercolor

The Architecture of a City



  aw item number:  2008.115
  author:  Marilynne Bradley
  publisher:  Reedy Press, St. Louis, Missouri
  ISBN:  978-1-933370-71-2

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size:  8.5"L x 11"H x .25"W
copyright date:  2008   number of pages:  98
acquisition date:  10/1/2008


status:  Library

description:  A beautiful book of watercolor paintings by artist Marilynne Bradley, featuring 76 works of St. Louis Architecture.

information:  "There's a strong feeling of continuity with Bradley's fresh, vibrant watercolor images that grace the pages of this book.  It's as if we are seeing those mostly familiar sites in a new way, a way that gives promise and hope that this continuum will remain for those who will follow us." -from the Introduction by Ron (Johnny Rabbitt) Elz.