St. Louis Police & Fire Combination Call Box


aw item number:  2004.152
manufacturer:  American Foundry, St. Louis, MO
box number:  n/a
model:  combination

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size:  13"L x 25"H x 12.25"D

color: Silver, Red and Black, with Yellow base composition:  Cast Iron
acquisition date:  1/1/2004

status:  Collection

description:  A double sided cast iron box with a simple slanted roof line, falling from the middle, with a simple pull to open cast iron door.  Raised lettering and outer decoration were pinstriped black for added attraction.  One side of this box was for a police telegraph and the other side for a fire telegraph.  This box is mounted on an American Foundry Pedestal, AW # 2004.152A.

information:  This specific model, just the box, was made exclusively for the St. Louis Fire Department by American Foundry, but featured the inner workings of a Gamewell phone system.  This box was lettered by John Bauers of Bauers Studios in July 2007.