1932 General Monarch Pumper Fire Truck


aw item number:  2002.067
manufacturer:  General Fire Truck Co.  Saint Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. 4127-33 Forest Park
serial number:  137
model:  Monarch

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registration number:  12177
color:  Red size:  277"L x 88- 96"H x 90"W
acquisition date:  5/23/2002

status:  Collection

description:  General Fire Truck, Monarch pumper with Northern Pump Co., Hercules 6 cylinder engine with an HXD 5.5" bore x 6" stroke, NACC-H.P.; 72.6 Piston Displacement: 885.  Before restoration this truck had engine No. 320149, model HXC, 5.25 x 6.

information:  Powered by heavy duty, low speed 200 H. P. motor, automatic pump throw out clutch, noiseless transmission, built-in winter-front shutters, and silent pump and exhaust.  

  According to a hand written message on an original photograph from the city of Kirkwood, featuring all of the motorized fire apparatus lined up in front of Engine House No. 2, this General Monarch was delivered in September of 1932.

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