Stimpson Computing Scale Co. Offset Fan Scale

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aw item number:  n/a
manufacturer:  Stimpson Computing Scale Co., Louisville, KY
model number:  4646
serial number:  n/a

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size:  16"L x 19"H x 13"W

color:  Black w/ White & Silver status:  Collection

description:  Large computing fan type scale with counter weight.  The front of the scale displays the weight for the customer, while the back computes the weight into the actual cost, depending on the price of the item.

information:  Able to weigh items up to 3 lbs., this small candy scale was patented on August 20, 1907.  The metal scoop could simply be lifted off of the scale to scoop candy right out of its container.  This scale could compute prices from 10 cents to $1.25, with five cent graduations.

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