Arcade Treasureswith price guide

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aw item number:  2004.138
author:  Bill Kurtz
publisher:  Schiffer Publishing Ltd., Atglen, PA
ISBN:  94-88740-619-x

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number of pages:  176
date manufactured:  1994 size:  11.25"L x .75"H x 8.75"W
status:  Library  edition:  Hardbound w/ Price Guide

description:  "Coin operated amusements have been entertaining people for more than a century.  Arcade games let you live out your fantasies as you pilot a spaceship through an asteroid field, chase a wanted gangster, or hit a home run in the world series-all at the drop of a coin."  "Whether you've been collecting arcade games for years or are just getting started in the hobby, you'll find that, "Arcade Treasures" offers valuable insights into the fascinating world of arcade games, along with nostalgic photos sure to delight anyone who's ever visited a penny arcade."

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