October 2005 Featured Item

 1931 Buick Sedan

     The 1931 Buick Sedan was a luxury automobile for its day.  The Buick Motor Company  produced a 50, 60, 80 and 90 series in 1931.  This 60 series boast a 272 cid straight-eight engine that produced 45 horse power.  With a 118 inch wheel base, this model featured synchromesh transmission.  The 60 series also came equipped with a dome light, armrests, brown mohair plush seating and walls, carpeted floors, roller shades and a foot rail in the rear seating area.  The instrument panel is both directly and indirectly lighted.

     The overall length of this 60 series model is 175 inches and the height is 72 inches.  The tires on this model are 19 x 6.50.  The specifics of the engine are: inline, over head valve, eight cylinder, cast iron block, with five main bearings and manual valve lifters. 

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The radiator cap featured a figure eight, for the eight cylinder engine.  This was the only change made from the 1930 model.


The luxurious interior of the car featuring mohair plush seating and walls.  This image also displays the pull down shades, armrests & ash tray.


Here you can see the back seat doors are hung on rear hinges.  Also visible is the  has fully carpeted interior floors and the foot rail.


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The chrome Buick logo in front of the radiator.

The front instrument panel with direct and indirect lighting.