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 Schwinn Sting Ray Krate Series Bicycles


Schwinn Krate Series Bicycles


    In 1963 Schwinn began producing their Sting-Ray series, in 1966 they introduced the Fastback, which was a lightweight version of the Sting-Ray.  In 1968 Schwinn introduced the Sting-Ray Orange Krate, which quickly became the most talked about Sting-Ray in "bikedom."  These muscle-car era bikes were truly an American Phenomenon.  Over the next few years Schwinn added five other "colors" to the original orange.  The six varieties of this classic bike included, the Apple Krate, the Grey Ghost, which is the rarest of them all, the Orange Krate, Lemon Peeler, Cotton Picker, and the Pea Picker. 

    Based on Schwinn's 20 inch juvenile Sting Ray, the Krate series was produced for six years, starting with the  Orange Krate.  The Krate series came fully equipped with a five speed Stik-Shift, spring fork, and rear shock absorber.  Both the spring fork and rear shock absorber added to the bikes comfortable ride, which the company called a "full-floating ride" as if you are floating on air.  The bike also came equipped with 20 inch Slik rear tire, like the tires found on drag racers.  The original price on the fully-loaded bikes started at $91.95 in 1968 and gradually increased to $119.95, over its six year reign.  The end of the Krate series came about in 1974, most likely due to consumer safety groups banning the Stik-Shift, which made these bike so popular, so sales declined and the bike was taken off the market.


Schwinn Krate Series Bicycles

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