April 2005 Featured Item

 Coca-Cola Vendo 39 Soda Bottle Machine

Coca-Cola Vendo 39 Soda Bottle Machine

     The Vendo 39 is one of the most recognizable machines from the 50's era. Its familiar round corners and small grey door adorned the front of many gas stations and diners.  Production began in 1949 and continued through 1955.  Embossed on the front door: "Drink Coca-Cola In Bottles," with "Ice Cold" across the bottom. This machine would vend 39, 6 1/2" bottles and pre-cool 20 bottles with its 1/8 h.p. sealed refrigeration system. Vendo produced around 80,000 of these machines.  Below, an inside view of the machine where the bottles were held, shows how the system works.  A bottle was held in each of the holes.  When a purchase was made the drum would rotate and allow the buyer to pull a bottle through the opening.  


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Ice cold Coke

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