June 2006


     As we spring into summer, Antique Warehouse has both hosted and participated in two different special events this past month.  Find out about these two special events and find out what a terra cotta tree stump planter is, by clicking on the links below.

     We again ask for your help in finding neon signs for an upcoming exhibition, if you know the whereabouts of any porcelain enameled neon signs let us know.  St. Louis, Missouri was known for its vast sign manufacturing talents.  A few of the great sign manufacturers include; Carondelet Neon Sign, Crystal Electronic Sign, Day Bright Lighting, Federal Brilliant, Keller Sign, Kirn Advertising Sign, Levy Sign, Missouri Jewelite, Neon Ray Lite, R. Tunica Electric, Southern Neon Sign, Tobin Electric, Treesh Neon Sign, and Zeiser Bros. 

If you have any information please contact us

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  Featured Collection     Special Events  

Click the above image to view the worlds largest collection of Terra Cotta Tree Stump Planters, and find out what a Terra Cotta Tree Stump Planter is, as well as how they were made.




The Gateway Fire Truck Club held their meeting at Antique Warehouse on Saturday, May 13.  Many attendees brought their own fire trucks for all to view.  Greg proudly displayed his fire trucks as well.


  Community Service     Recent Acquisitions  

On Saturday May 20, Greg Rhomberg volunteered his Grants Farm Tram for Meet the Machines, presented by Budrovich and Fabick.  Click on the image above to read a story and view a few images from the day.



View a few of the recent acquisitions at Antique Warehouse, including "Millennium", former St. Louis County Bookmobile.  Also view the recently refinished Anheuser-Busch back bar.



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