January 2010

     Looking back at 2009, I had one acquisitional goal: find a Buster Brown Shoes neon sign circa 1950. As Buster’s eye “winks” on and off, via flasher, Tige stands faithfully nearby. Double faced, finished in seven porcelain enamel colors and illuminated with five colors of neon tubing, this special and rare sign was manufactured by Kirn Signs, St. Louis, MO.  After many false hopes and erroneous leads (thank you  Jim May and Bill Christman), I revisited my past files for direction and not only found Buster & Tige, but also found a Zenthoefer’s FURS polar bear neon sign, a south St. Louis landmark at 5411 South Grand Avenue, from the same retiring collector. This year also brought RADIO from Fred B. Ward’s radio repair shop, 4646 Shenandoah, and Pelican’s Café, 2256 Grand Avenue and Shenandoah, another south St. Louis favorite. We will endeavor to share the historical significance and the restoration process of these great signs at antiquewhs.com in 2010.

     Inside St. Louis: Pat’s Bar & Grill has been serving the Dogtown neighborhood for generations and continues to do so with new and innovative ideas such as “The Unplanned Birthday Party”, the $2.99 Johnny Rabbitt Breakfast Special and reinstating old time favorites like $5 Blue Plate Specials. Come along with Ron “Johnny Rabbitt” Elz as he covers nearly seven decades at Pat’s “A place of fine spirits and good food and drink”. 

     Insider Tip: Be prepared for that occasional January afternoon when the sun is shining and the temperature climbs above freezing; head for Turtle Playground with the kids, or grandchildren, followed by a fried chicken dinner at Pat’s. It’s easier now than ever since highway “farty” 40 is open and parking is convenient and free. 

Wishing you a prosperous New Year and above all good health to you and your family.

Best regards,
Greg R. Rhomberg


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Inside St. Louis

Restoration Dept.


Pat's Bar & Grill serving  Dogtown since 1942.


Pevely Ice Cream Neon Sign, is now completed!


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