August 2009

      Last week, out of town guests inquired “where should we eat?” The friends; The  King and Queen of Root Beer or Bob and Georgene, as known by many, have assembled the most comprehensive collection of root beer collectibles in the world. The royal couple was in town for the Cardinals and Dodgers series and home base for them was the 18th floor of the Ballpark Hilton. Knowing they would want to sample the vast offerings that St. Louis had to offer, I began with Anthony’s Bar of the famed Tony’s and began to tell them the heritage. Since it's located just across the street, directions weren’t required. Next, Crown Candy Kitchen; details and directions were very necessary.  Then it occurred to me; A convenient webpage where my favorites are listed including historical and logistical data.

     Spaghetteria Mama Mia has joined the webpage of favorites. Owned and operated by Carrie Bellon-Wappel in a museum like building created by Don Bellon her father. What could be better in St. Louis than an Italian meal served in a living museum?

     Ron “Johnny Rabbitt” Elz tells the story how the Bellon family returned to their roots in food and created the Italian dinning establishment. Notes from Rabbitt’s review include; Reasonably priced Italian cuisine, Relaxed casual dining, Interesting wine list; “New World” and “Old World”  offerings and most by the glass, full liquor available, but limited to major brands and Indoor dining only and 100% smokeless. The $8, including drink, Italian lunch buffet is a Johnny Rabbitt Best Buy!

     Located just 4 blocks to the St. Louis University Medical Center complex and depending on traffic it’s just a 6-7 minute drive from the St. Louis U campus or the Washington U. Barnes-Jewish Hospital Center, Grand Center and Midtown, the Missouri Botanical (Shaw’s Garden) or The Hill. And it’s somewhat centered at about an 8-9 minute drive between Tower Grove Park and Forest Park.    

     Don’t be confused by outdated web listings that want to send you to Tamm Ave. in Dogtown. That was the previous location for a small dining spot with the same name…but it’s gone.

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Inside St. Louis - Spaghetteria Mamma Mia

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