Robel Divco Dairy

Powered Miniature Truck

The AW Divco Dairy Milk Truck.

     In the 1950's the Robel Corporation became the worlds largest manufacturer of powered miniature toys.  These go-cart styled cars and trucks became very popular among kids, and became a great marketing tool for car companies and dealerships. 

     When a new model car was introduced in the 1950's car companies would issue the help of the Robel Corporation to design and manufacture a smaller replica of the full size version.  The idea was a great way to get people into the stores and get sales leads.  The marketing plan called for the dealers to visit schools during recess or after school with these miniature cars.  They told the kids to have their parents bring them to the dealership and they would be allowed to drive the miniature cars, getting the parents into the dealership.  While the kids waited for their turn to drive, the salesmen would talk with the parents.  Before the kids left they could sign up to win the miniature car, thus giving the names, addresses and phone numbers of the kids, and essentially the parents, to the dealer.

     Some of the cars produced by Robel include; Thunderbird, Mustang, Corvette, Desoto Fireflite, Murcury, Plymouth Fury, Edsel, Sunliner 500, Pontiac and many others. 

   While the Divco Milk truck from the Antique Warehouse collection was not used in this way, it was often used in parades and given away on television shows such as the Price is Right.  It was a great way to catch the eye of many, and everyone needs milk.  It is believed that the truck style was only made for Divco, and all other models produced were made as cars.

     Some of the great features on the Divco Milk Truck included, working headlights and horn, a rearview mirror, twin tail lights, flasher parade lights, full pedal throttle, and seating for two children or one adult.

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