1976 Schwinn Scrambler

Model BX1-6

The AW 1976 Schwinn Scrambler.

     This is a 1976 Schwinn Scrambler, Model BX1-6.  Back in its heyday this motocross bike was one of the coolest on or off the road.  According to a 1976 Schwinn Bicycle Catalog:

     "It is a specially designed model with heavy duty construction and motocross features built-in.  Every frame joint is reinforced with extra welds.  The cranks are of hardened steel.  The handlebar has a welded on brace and the forged handlebar stem is built to take it.  Specially designed Schwinn motocross tires with an exclusive deep studded tread design for a sure grip  on varying surfaces.  The new Schwinn Scrambler - ideal for off-the-road, and equally at home on the road for those who demand a sturdy, sporty bike."

     Early on Schwinn became known as the Cadillac of American Bicycles.  They produced a number of popular, quality bicycles.  Some of the more popular children's bicycles were the Krate series and their Stingrays. The Scrambler was a very similar bike to the Stingray, some of the major similarities were in the frame, stem, seat post and clamp.

Below are a few images of the 1976 Schwinn Scrambler, part of the Antique Warehouse collection, click on any of them to learn more about this bike.

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