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 Syrup and Soda Dispensers


     have been around since long before the invention of soda machines.  Due to this fact, one of the only ways for Americans to enjoy their favorite soft drink, Coca-Cola, was to get it directly from their local soda fountain.  Syrup dispensers were used to apportion the appropriate amount of syrup into a glass, and then the soda jerk would add carbonated water.  It was in this way, through syrup dispensers, that soda was dispensed until the 1930's when soda dispensers were invented.  Although syrup dispensers got the job done, they were very inconsistent, not being uniform and often times the temperature of the soda was not very cool. 

     However, in 1933 The Dole Valve Company of Chicago introduced their Master Dispenser.  This was the solution to the inconsistency problems of the past.  This new soda dispenser consistently mixed the appropriate amounts of syrup and carbonated water and at a temperature of less than 40 degrees.  These new dispensers were packed with ice to achieve the appropriate cool temperature.  Twenty-two of these dispensers were tested at Chicago's Worlds Fair and they were a big reason why 7 million Coca-Cola's were consumed at the fair.  The Multiplex Faucet Company of St. Louis also began producing a similar unit for Coca-Cola as well as many other soda manufacturers.

     This type of soda dispenser was the norm until 1949, when the Selmix Dispenser Corporation of St. Paul, introduced their dispenser.  This new dispenser could dispense any size glass of soft drink with consistent results.  Before this machine, only 6 ounce glasses of product were able to be made. 

     Currently, Antique Warehouse has two syrup dispensers and nine soda dispensers.  Four of these soda dispensers are the barrel type.  Both of the syrup dispensers hold just syrup and no ice, however all of the soda dispensers hold ice to keep the syrup cold.

Ebner, Steve.  Vintage Coca-Cola Machines. Vol. II, 1996.

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