June 2006 Featured Collection

 Terra Cotta Tree Stump Planters


     are a very unusual item, so we thought we would highlight them in our collection of the month.  Believed to be the largest collection of terra cotta planters in the world, with 12, Antique Warehouse proudly displays them in a forest like scene with a hunter and several furry and feathered creatures (as pictured above).  The stumps were actually used as front lawn ornamentation.  They would be filled with dirt and flowers were then planted in the tops and out of the limbs. 

     These tree stumps are are actually clay sewer tiles that have been custom made into planters that resemble tree stumps.  Referred to as sewer tile art, these pieces were made by employees of the sewer tile manufacturers.  They would use their lunch breaks to create this art work, and then take the stumps home and place them on their own lawns.

     To achieve the effect of bark on a tree stump, before the pipe was baked in the kiln, the soft clay on the outside of a sewer pipe was braised with a tool to produce groves.  Many times additional smaller pipe was added on the outside of the stump to look like branches.  Short nubs and knots were also popular, as were vines.  There are several different designs and sizes, and many of the stumps look very realistic, while others just look similar to a stump.  All of the stumps are a brown color, either painted or glazed.

     Antique Warehouse currently has 12 terra cotta tree stump planters ranging in size from a small 12 pound pot to a very large 215 pound stump.  Below you will find a few images of the planters that Antique Warehouse is displaying.  By clicking on the images below you will be taken to the collection page where you can view all of our lawn ornament pieces.

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