Hy-namel Enamel Brick 4 Color Set


aw item number:  2008.154
manufacturer:  Hydraulic-Press Brick Company
model:  Hy-namel
size:  8.25" L X 2.25" H x 4" W

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weight:  5 lbs. each

color:  White, brown, speckled gray & green composition:  Clay
acquisition date:  9/5/2008

status:  Collection

description:  Guaranteed Enamel Brick "Hy-namel" 4 color set: pure white, brown, gray speckled and green. Both green and brown have a beautiful opaque glaze where as the white and gray speckled have a solid finish.

information:  Manufactured by Hydraulic-Press Brick Company, manufactures of Hy-tex Brick. "Largest manufactures of face brick in the world with sales offices in principal cities and 22 plants. Main office: St. Louis, Missouri.