Spasnick Plumbing Porcelain Neon Sign



  aw item number:  2008.104
  manufacturer:  Keller Sign Co.
  model:  One of a kind
  size w/o neon:  76"L x 37"H x 8.25"W

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size w/ neon:  76"L x 37"H x 12.75"W
color:  Yellow & green   composition:  Steel, porcelain & glass
acquisition date:  10/17/2008


status:  Collection

description:  A double sided "Plumbing" neon sign.  This one of a kind sign was made for J. Spasnick & Son's Plumbing.  If this sign had neon, only the "Plumbing" would be lit on both sides.   

information:  This sign is from the original location of J. Spasnick & Son's plumbing, located at 4750 Virginia Ave.  St. Louis, Missouri 63111.  Currently this sign is in storage awaiting restoration.