McCormick 0-6 Orchard Tractor



  aw item number:  2008.062
  manufacturer:  International Harvester Co., Chicago, Illinois
  model number:  O-6
  serial number:  OBK29984WF

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size:  133.25"L x 59"H x 65"W
front tire size:  6.00-16 6 ply   rear tire size:  13.6-26 6 ply
engine:  4 cylinder, 36 hp, 1450 rpm   weight:  4600 lbs.
color:  Red   production year:  1949
acquisition date:  7/19/2008


status:  Collection

description:  A sleek streamlined tractor designed to work around fruit trees with out catching branches or tearing off fruit.  Five forward speeds, differential steering brakes, sit or stand driving, low platform seat and hand-operated clutch are standard features.

information:  Max speed: 14-1/8 mph, wheelbase: 76", turning radius: 11-1/2' with out braking, clutch: 11", single-plate, hand-operated, over-center type, fuel tank capacity: 21 gal.

special equipment:  Solid front wheels, electric starter, front electric lights and a power take-off unit.

dealer installed equipment:  Power steering and a variable hydraulic power supply.