Token Toss Carnival Game


aw item number:  2008.019
manufacturer:  Christman Studios, St. Louis, Missouri
size:  21"L x 58"H x 22"W
object tossed: Brass tokens
color:  Yellow, black, red & orange

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composition:  Wood, metal & cast iron
acquisition date:  1/29/2008 status:  Collection

description:   A wooden skill game with four legs, where the top of the game has several holes, each of the holes leading to a different compartment underneath the table top.  An ornate sign, indicating Skill, Luck & Fate decorates the top of the unit.

information:  A carnival game of skill where the player tosses a brass disk token towards the top of this device, where it has a chance to fall into one of several holes, or if the contestant is really good, they will toss it straight into one of the three high scoring areas.