Neon Color Selections Salesman Sample 

 Display Case from Tobin Electric Company


aw item number:  2008.008
manufacturer:  Tobin Electric Co., St. Louis, Missouri
date manufactured:  circa 1940
size:  33.5"L x 12.5"H x 5"W

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composition:  Wood, masonite & glass tubing
case color: Black, brown & white neon color:  16 colors
acquisition date:  1/25/2008 status:  Collection

description:   A custom made salesman sample display case for neon colors by Tobin Electric Sign Co. Sixteen vibrant colors were available to the Tobin customers. The trunk has a removable lid allowing safe transport of the display. A detachable cord supplies power.

information:  Although Tobin no longer produces signs, it still operates today as a hardware company. The display was assembled in a Herkert & Meisel Trunk Co. 910 Washington Ave. , St. Louis, Mo., a very popular trunk & luggage store.