Inside St. Louis

     In July of 2007 we began documenting some of the unique eateries in St. Louis.  Below is a list of featured establishments.  

     The watercolors are by local artist Marilynne Bradley.  Each are for sale as a 5 x 7 print and available through the Antique Warehouse.  Click here to order yours today.



No. 42 No. 41 No. 40
    Frank & Helen's
No. 39 No. 38 No. 37
Blueberry Hill Bartolino's Kopperman's
No. 36 No. 35 No. 34
Cunetto's Hendel's Market Eat-Rite
No. 33 No. 32 No. 31
Herbie's Uncle Bill's Schneithorst's
No. 30 No. 29 No. 28
Pat's Bar & Grill Del Pietro's O'Connell's Pub
No. 27 No. 26 No. 25
Yacovelli's Diamond Mineral Springs
Spaghetteria Mamma Mia
No. 24 No. 23 No. 22
The Chase Park Plaza
Castelli's Moonlight Restaurant at 255
No. 21 No. 20 No. 19
Beffa Brothers Buffet Gordon's Stoplight Drive-In
No. 18 No. 17 No. 16
Tony's Ted Drewes Christmas Trees Jaspers Tropical Fruit Baskets
No. 15 No. 14 No. 13
Goody Goody
The Hilltop Inn
No. 12 No. 11 No. 10
Ted Drewes The Fountain on Locust Grants Farm

No. 9 No. 8 No. 7
Crown Candy Kitchen
Rigazzi's Duff's
No. 6 No. 5 No. 4
Steak n Shake
Carl's Drive In Al's
No. 3 No. 2 No. 1
The Feasting Fox
Pete's Drive In J&A's
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