Marvy Barber Pole Revolving Wall Model 55 Two Light


aw item number:  2007.087
manufacturer:  William Marvy Company, St. Paul, Minnesota
model number:  55 (8P055TLR)
serial number:  81672

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size:  9"L x 33"H x 11.5"W
paper cylinder:  5" x 16" base size:  11.5"
glass cylinder:  6" x 15" globe:  8" x 8.5"
color:  Red, white, blue & chrome composition:  Aluminun & glass
acquisition date:  7/13/2007

status:  Collection

description:  Marvy barber pole features; Cast aluminum construction including the wall bracket, 110 volt electric motor, revolving illuminated cylinder and opal glass globe. "Two Light" refers to two lamp illumination, one in the cylinder and the other in the globe.