Farmall Cub & Cub CadetKenneth Updike


aw item number:  2007.044
author:  Kenneth Updike
publisher:  Motor Books International, St. Paul, MN.
ISBN:  0-7603-1079-3

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size:  9.25"L x 10.75"H x .625"W

color:  Full Color copyright:  2002
acquisition date:  5/31/2007

status:  Collection

description:  Inside this book is the full story, a detailed look at the Farmall Cub, Lo-Boy, and Cub Cadet, that starts at the line's 1940s beginning and rolls right on through the end of production.  You'll discover a world of information on each model's uses, improvements, and specialties, all chronicled with thorough, well-researched text and highlighted with beautiful archival and color photography.  Here is the most complete account of the Cub line you'll find, a fascinating look at the history and development of the tractors that helped change a generation.