St. Louis Fire Alarm Box No. 5375


aw item number:  2007.031
manufacturer:  American Foundry, St. Louis, MO
box number:  5375
model:  FA

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size: 10.5"L x 15.5"H x 7.5"D

color: Red & white composition:  Cast iron
acquisition date:  10/29/1998

status:  Collection

description:  A cast iron box with a simple slanted roof line, falling from the middle, with a "Break Glass to Open Door" cast iron door.  An outside number plate would have identified the location of this specific box, however this box is missing its plate.  Raised lettering and outer decoration were painted white for added attraction.  This alarm box is un-mounted.

information:  Originally located at Clara and Ashland, in District No. 53.  This specific model, was made exclusively for the St. Louis Fire Department by American Foundry, but featured the inner workings of a Gamewell telegraph.  After it's useful service the box as used for decoration at the now defunct Russino's Italian Restaurant.

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