Salesman Sample Sign with Neon Feature


aw item number:  2007.002
manufacturer:  Kels-O-Sign, St. Louis, MO 3819 Olive
size:  43"L x 9"H x 9"W
color:  Maroon, cream & aluminum

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composition:  Sheet metal, cast aluminum & glass

acquisition date:  3/14/2007

status:  Collection

description:  A maroon colored sign with pink neon accent around the top edge for light.  A square mesh pattern surround the neon for protection.  A metal track holds up to ten interchangeable letters or numbers.  This sign has cream colored letters spelling, "YOUR NAME." 

information:  This salesman sample neon sign allowed the Kels-O-Sign company to show their clients what they could do, without having to make an individual prototype for each customer.  It was also small enough to allow a traveling salesman to take it along with him on the road.  A convenient handle at the top of the sign allows for easy transport.