Paidar Boulevard Barber Pole

Revolving Show Window Model 43


aw item number:  2006.041
manufacturer:  Paidar, Chicago, Illinois
model number:  43, The Boulevard
serial number:  305864

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size:  10"L x 45"H x 12"W
paper cylinder:  6.5" x 18" base size:  13.25"
glass cylinder:  7" x 17" globe:  4" x 8"
color:  Red, white & blue composition:  Steel & porcelain
acquisition date:  4/29/2006

status:  Collection

description:  Paidar barber pole constructed of porcelain enameled cast iron with an illuminated globe and revolving inner cylinder. Outfitted with a spring motor which only needs but one winding a day. A sturdy base allows the pole to be placed in the window. 

description:  A brass key hole cover allows access for the crank to be inserted for winding purposes.