Sno-Runner Snow Ski Vehicle

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aw item number:  2006.007
manufacturer:  Chrysler Marine, Detroit, MI
model:  Sno-Runner
serial number:  16622B

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date manufactured:  July 1979
color:  Orange & Black composition:  Steel & Plastic
acquisition date:  1/7/2006

status:  Collection

description:  This is the motorcycle of snowmobiles.  The handle bar in front allowed the rider to steer, while a small engine under the seat powered a set of tracks (similar to a snowmobiles) which pushed the Sno-Runner forward through the snow. 

information:  The Antique Warehouse has two of these vehicles, one is a Sno-Runner and the other is a Sno-Rabbit.  Both are the same vehicle and both are produced by Chrysler. The difference is in the "model," each being produced in different years. 

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