Jack Carl's "2 Cents Plain" Deli Outdoor Sign


aw item number:  2005.032
origin:  St. Louis, Missouri
color:  White, black & red

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weight:  82 lbs.
size:  36.25"L x 48.25"H x 8.5"W
period:  circa 1970 composition:  Plastic, sheet metal & aluminum
acquisition date:  2005 status:  Collection

description:  Double sided 2 Cents Plain deli sign featuring "World Famous Hot Pastrami Sandwiches". Flat plastic faces, Spraylat method lettering- a spray masking which is hand cut then painted, sheet metal frame and internally lit with four fluorescent tube lamps.

information:  This sign originally adorned, St. Louis, Missouri legend, Jack Carl's deli located on the ground floor of the circa 1925 Louderman Building at 313 North 11th Street from 1970 until 1985. Jack Carl retired October 2005 from a career that began in 1950.