Fire Hydrant St. Louis County, Mo. Specifications


aw item number:  2005.023
manufacturer:  American Foundry, Saint Louis, Missiouri
model number:  SLCW Old Style
date manufactured:  1941

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.size:  17.5"L x 29.25"H x 14.25"D
color:  Yellow & Orange weight w/base:  235 lbs.
composition:  Cast Iron weight w/o base:  182 lbs.
acquisition date: 8/31/2005

status:  Collection

description:  Saint Louis County, Missouri specification fire hydrant; 3 way with (2) 2 1/2" hose nozzles and (1) 4 1/2" pumper nozzle, 4 1/2" valve opening, flange type base and requires no cap retainer chains.

information:  The Old Style model was made prior to Feb. 18, 1954. One difference between the Old Style and the New Style is the large number of bolts holding the bonnet down on the Old Style. For additional information on this or any other fire hydrant, please visit: american_foundry_mfg.html