Schwinn Sting-Ray "Lemon Peeler" Bicycle


aw item number:  2005.016
manufacture:  Schwinn Bicycle Company, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
serial number:  JJ620220
model number:  C30-9

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size:  56" L x 42"H x 27"W
color:  Kool Lemon weight:  45 lbs.
date manufactured:  September 1973 original price:  $119.95
acquisition date:  4/6/2005 status:  Collection
description:  This bike is fully equipped with five speed Stik-Shift, front spring fork, and rear shock absorber, bucket seats, and front drum brake.  As well as chrome plated fenders and "MAG" sprocket.  This bike also features rear disc brakes.  This feature was only offered in 1972 and 1973. 
information:  The Lemon picker was introduced in 1968, and was available until the end of the Krate series production.  The Lemon Picker, Orange Krate, and Apple Krate were the three top sellers in the Krate series.

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