Schwinn Sting-Ray "Pea Picker" Bicycle


aw item number:  2005.015
manufacture:  Schwinn Bicycle Company, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
serial #:  DH094166
model #:  C30-9

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size:  56" L x 42"H x 27"W
color:  Campus Green weight:  45 lbs.
date manufactured:  September 1973 original price:  $119.95
acquisition date:  4/6/2005 status:  Collection

description:  This bike is fully equipped with five speed Stik-Shift, front spring fork, and rear shock absorber, bucket seats, and front drum brake.  As well as chrome plated fenders, "MAG" sprocket, and a rear disc brake.  The disc brake assembly, available only on the 1972 or 1973 model, is valued at three times what the entire bike cost when it was new.

information:  This beautiful green color was introduced in 1969, available until 1973. 

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